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“To the edge of the world following the Heracles cows”
(working title – “Myth hunters”)

20 x 20'
Country of Production – Ukraine
Language - Ukrainian

       This summer the group of young people – graduated students of theatrical institute - from Kyiv carried out a trip through Europe by hitch-hiking. Friends traveled according to the route of ancient Greek hero Gerakl - Ukraine-Gibraltar. Playing in cities the performance on the basis of myth about cows herd by Gerakl which scattered by Europe, and singing the Ukrainian songs, they tried to discover mythological reasons and in general the place of myths and legends in modern European society. Travelling by hitch-hiking and communicating with travelers, they collected their mythological cows –stories, fairy-tales, legends.

      Asking yourself, whether the mythological world perished under the pressure of pragmatic contemporaneity, they carried out 1,5 - month expedition to the edge of Europe.

   A documentary serial « To the edge of the world following the Heracles cows » is in the stage of production.

Presentation of the serial and demonstration materials are presented by request

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